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Shanika P. Carter's book To Lead Or Not To Lead: Breaking The Glass Ceiling Using Lessons From Your Past Experiences is captivating and relatable. This book captivates the essence of Self- Discovery,  the challenges in Organization Leadership, the significances of mentoring and the Belief in Self. The book underscored the challenges and barriers that African Americans encounter in the workplace and in higher education, were heartfelt. The chapter "Know Your Worth, Regardless of How you are Perceived" was inspiring, we each have a journey of self-discovery. This book is engaging, provoking the readers to reassess past challenges and barriers as stepping stones. When I received my copy I couldn't put it down. I think this book is inspiring; I recommend reading this book and giving one to a person that needs to be encouraged in spite of life challenges.

Thank you for your sincerity,

Brenda Y. Averett, Doctoral Student and Licensed Professional Counselor

"I have to say that I am proud of you for taking that leap of faith and courage to share your personal story and your view of leadership styles in your book. Your personal experiences in corporate America and having faced with prejudices by your own people is nothing short of appalling and sad. I do admire that you never approached or regarded your life experiences though many were negative as a crutch to play the “Victim Card”. You transform them into fuel to keep plowing forward and sharing your gifts and talents with others. In my view, that is  “Leadership “. The book is an eye-opener for all minorities. We all can relate to black men and women not being regarded or measured on the same professional scale as those of other races even though they might be better educated or have more work experience. Gender inequality, race inequality, institutional racism, systemic racism, and social injustice are all encapsulated in your writing.

​Jean Lordeus, Doctoral Student and Sr. Systems Engineer

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