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"Here's the best editor ever!! She's amazing to work with...I'm in the final stages of interviewing for a gig at the University of Michigan. Excited! Now just got another interview call for a Director position. So what you helped me with has been working. You set me up with an excellent framework that got me through HR to an interview. You cleaned my words up!! Thank you."

Resume Client

"Thanks so much for the ideas. I appreciate it. I think that was a good, fresh perspective on it. You were a DEFINITE help in consulting with me!" 

Resume Client

"I got the job! Thank for your help and ideas." 
Resume Client (Civil Inspector, Houston, TX)

"Shanika helped me on my resume and cover letter; she did a fabulous job. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help in the employment field! Great Writer! Got an interview using it the first time I used it!"

​Stephanie K., Resume Client

My goal when creating or revising your resume is to help you get the invitation for the interview. Currently, 95% of these clients have reported to me that they have gotten those calls and emails for interviews! I can work with you so the same happens for you.

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